Cupcake Parties

What's better than a party? A cupcake party! Kids & Adults can unleash their inner creativity by designing their own cupcake or cake.... We have 3 different packages to choose from !


2 hrs of fun.. We provide 3 cupcakes  for the children to decorate ,with plenty of time for other activities ,parent led ) 10 kids

ages 5-12   $5.95 additional child 


outside food & drinks allowed 


Package #1

2 hrs of cake decorating fun.. We provide a 8" baked cake  and everything you need to complete..  *music by Amazon Alexa 

10 kids)   Ages 13  - Adults 

$10.95 additional guest

outside food & drinks allowed 


Package #2


2 hrs of  fun kids decorate 3 cupcakes -choice of pepperoni or cheese pizza 

sprite or lemonade drinks....  plates & napkins  provided  decorated party room & music by amazon Alexa... ages 5-15 

$15.95 each additional guest 


Package #3

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