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Wedding Cake

Before even thinking about red velvet vs. vanilla bean, will need the nitty-gritty details such as wedding date, venue and estimated head count. Part of my job is helping a couple prioritize where the cake purchase fits within their wedding budget.  The cost of a cake is determined by the number of servings needed and the complexity of the design.

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  • Choose a style
    Your wedding cake is a blank canvas,so spend some time looking online at websites such as pintrest.Choose a cake thats compatable with the venue,season,gown or overall colors. round vs square ? keep in mind if your trying to stay within a serving anmount, square cake usually serve more than round, so may put you over the serving amount.
  • Enough time !
    Give yourself and your enough time 3 to 6 months before the wedding is enough time to plan the cake ! If its during busy wedding season then give yourself a little extra time wedding cakes will be high in damend and could be completly booked, you defintley dont want to add any extra added stress to yourself and your baker. May - October is wedding season for venues/vendors so costs will likey be higher.
  • Finalize your guest list
    Figure the number of guests attending. Although a grande 5 teired cake is beautiful you may not need servings for 300. That will be the first thing we will ask servings for how many guests. You may consider including the grooms cake . EXAMPLE: wedding cake serves 150 grooms 50 for a total of 200 servings.
  • Budget
    Be realistic on how much your willing to spend. It's best to mention your budget this way we can let you know if your vission of your cake is within your budget. Keep in mind ajustments to the cake can be made. e.g. fresh vs silk flowers or sugar flowers. Filling,standard or premium flavors.
  • Taste the cake/schedule an appt
    If you love chocolate cake or red velvet ask to taste your favorte ! We dont recomend trying a flavor youve never had before or not sure of. Ask about sesonal flavors and fillings we may recommend that go well together. And ask if theres a flavor thats not on our menu if we can create it for you. Appt for bride & groom only... limit 3 samples from a catergory. To schedule an appt click here
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