About Our Cake Flavors 

Our Cakes Are Baked Fresh

We use our signature icing made from scratch a family recipe used since 1980
Our fondant is also made from scratch and made fresh and remains soft on the cake & if your not a fan of fondant we'll change your mind.

Standard Cake Flavors 

French Vanilla Bean                     

Golden Butter Pound                      

Texas Strawberries                         

Lemon Tart 

Marble Delight                                    


Chocolate Lover's

Devil's Food

Swiss Chocolate

German Chocolate


Banana Nut                         

Crazy Over Coconut

Cinnamon Swirl                  

Tropical Pineapple  


Pina Colada

Tia's Carrot Cake                 

Italian Creme


Red Velvet Silk

Cookies N cream 


Peach               Strawberry

Raspberry          Pineapple 

Apricot                Apple

Orange                Lemon               

Mango                 Cherry




Cheese Cake

Cream Cheese

Banana Creme

Bavarian Creme

Coconut Creme

Pineapple Creme

Italian Cream

Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry Souffle

Lemon Curd

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Premium Cake Flavors

Standard fruit Filling 

Premium Filling 

Mousse & Souffle 

Standard cake flavors are included in quote 

Premium cake flavors $25-$35 extra 

 Standard filling $10-15 extra 

Premium fillings $20-30 extra 

cookies & cream

Chocolate ganache 

Chocolate dipped strawberries 


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