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You can pick 3 flavors from each category for a seprate charge

once you've purchaced the samples it will bring you back to this page

for you to fill out the form.


*standard flavor $25.00

*Premium flavor $35.00

*filling $12.50

Remember the samples must be paid at the time you fill out the request 

We will follow up and confirm via email


We require a 2 week notice 

​​Cake sample Order Form

 You can pick from standard  or Premium  or both...
there is a  separate charge  per category, you can add a filling if you'd like !  After payments made come back to this page.
We will follow up with an email to approve the date requested.


type of event

Thanks for your order!

you can pick 3 $25.00 + tax  

you can pick 3 
$35.00 + tax

only 3 flavors
$15.50 + tax 

standard filling .png
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