Cherry Cake

Cake tasting are by appointments only,  we require at least 2 week notice , due to Coivd 19 samples are to go and prepaid at the time of the order.  Please fill out the form below so we can confirm the appointment and flavors ....

You can pick 3 flavors from each category if you choose to 


*standard flavor $20.00

*Premium flavor $35.00

*filling $10.50

Remember the samples must be paid at the time you fill out the request 

We will follow up and confirm via email


must pay for samples @ the time you submit your request otherwise we will not accept the sample request....​

​​Cake sample Order Form

 You can pick from 2 categories or both...
there is a  separate charge  per category if you decide you want to try a filling (separate charge to add a filling )
we will follow up with an email ....


type of event

Thanks for your order!

Standard flavor $20.00

Premium flavor $35.00

 add a filling $10.50