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Mary began baking and designing cakes as a part time hobby. As a child, she would mold animals and objects out of play dough and it was clear she was born with an eye for design. At age 16, Mary started dabbling in the art of decoration and by 18 she entered cakes in a Wilton cake show. Her first 3D cake (The 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf) won 1st place.

As a single parent of four, she put her kids through private schools and when the youngest entered high school she quit her job and followed her true passion: designing cakes.

Eventually demand grew, and in 2000 Edible Designs became a reality. Mary always knew in the back of her mind what she was going to name her business. She wanted people to know that they weren't just cakes, but designs, and they were edible! Hence the name, Edible Designs.

Before Cake Boss was aired in April of 2009, Mary had already been creating 3D cakes. In 2004 she aired a commercial about a 3D armadillo cake (maybe that's where Buddy Calastro got the idea).

In addition to beautiful cakes that are almost too pretty to eat, Edible Designs is your destination for cake.

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